Johnell Roberts DJ Special J

Your DJ. Your Music.

DJ Special J is an elite professional and multi-genre Disc Jokey with extensive experience in the deejaying and entertainment industry around the world. From mixing the freshest tracks, and producing amazing beats while entertaining the crowds – DJ Special J is undoubtedly the special one. His passion for music and rhythms allows the crowd to groove on and have the best times of their lives. On the top of all this, DJ Special J has more than ten years of Deejaying experience that guarantees that no one in the party or the event will want to leave early when he is running the show.

The History

Johnell Roberts as known as DJ Special J always had a passion for Hip Hop and beat-music. When he was young, he used to sing along the most famous beats and the most famous songs of that time – especially Hip Hop. He was quite rapt with hip-hop dancing throughout his high school time and also was a talented artist having interests in graffiti artistry. It was during this particular time, he met his longtime friend Misfit Tone – Antonio Bennet and had his first exposure to the prominent art of deejaying. Soon after high school, he joined the United States Army and was able to finally purchase his music and Deejaying equipment to begin his prominent DJ career.

The People’s DJ

Taking inspiration from various local DJ’s, artists, composers and watching multiple videos of the DJ Icons, he quickly developed his style of Deejaying and production. The crowd’s reaction to his mixes and music led him to believe that it was the right time to branch out and start a professional DJ career. Johnell has spun records internationally from countries ranging from Korea to Germany and a multitude of venues all around the United States. His talent enabled him to rock crowds and parties from small night clubs to large block parties of all kinds. His ability to move the crowd inspired him to call himself ‘The People’s DJ.’ He has the experience to provide fantastic party experiences.

Getting your Groove On

DJ Special J has creative mixes combined with an energetic personality and great attention to detail that helps him to deliver a personalized and crowd-pleasing performance. His ability to perform for different types of crowds, his charisma, passion, personable services, and excellent music makes him one of the best in the business.